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When you need a handyman for home repair or a contractor for major home remodeling do you want to search reviews and hope or do you want to point, click and know you are getting the best. Only Handy HomePros has the Golden Seal of Approval (GSA). Every network member, from a handyman changing a light bulb to a major remodeling contractor has a GSA if they are in our network. Check out the verified GSA qualifications. You now know with certainty that the person you are about to hire is professional and safe and you get the service of Handy HomePros for free. Compare that to paying to read reviews and hopping you make a good decision, there is no comparison.

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For absolutely no cost home owners can point, click and get it done. This is the most efficient way to find the best home repair or remodeling contractor for your needs, and did we mention it’s FREE. Simply request service, choose what you need and you are done. You will be connected with the right GSA for your project.

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In a world of endless options for everything a jack-of-all-trades is an out of date concept. With hundreds of options for roofing and siding and thousands of choices for walls and floors, endless plumbing and electrical installations and gadgets; no one can be the best at everything in your home. We connect you to the best handyman for the exact home repair or home maintenance issue you have. We connect you to the best remodeling contractor for your bath, kitchen or room addition. From foundation to roof get the right specialist for your project.

At no cost; point, click, and get the best. Why go anywhere else?

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